Thursday, 27 January 2011


January arrives
and coats us,
like a heavy snowfall,
 with a blanket of depression and trepidation
that we must push aside
or trudge through
 by any means possible;
Like a suffocating smog
 it clouds our aspirations and resolutions,
strangely reminding us of our mortality and self-worth.
Fond moments of previous years
 often surface as we evaluate
and vow to change things
 we are unhappy with.
Will it be this year that our life improves
or will we feel the same
and live the same existence for another year?
Each morning`s darkness weighs heavily on us
 as we
reluctantly force ourselves from our warm duvets
into the chilled home
 that only last night toasted us
like marshmallows on a roaring open fire.
Hoping the day ahead brings warmth and contentment,
thoughts of stark reality creep forever forward
reminding us,
 with the click of the light switch,
of our true existence.
Shortened dark days,
characterizing the season,
so grey, without real light,
failing to lift us,
 inspire or motivate us in any way
strangely and significantly
 seem to last forever,
day after day, day after day,
 and still no sun to lighten our hearts,
To give us hope,
 to make us want to reach for the curtains
to want to see what the world has in store for us.
To inspire us
and help us see and feel that there is a future;
that our lives will not always be so cheerless and clouded. 

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