Friday, 30 October 2009

Post Natal

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"You`re suffering from depression" the doctor said to me
"Lets hope it doesnt last long - we`ll have to wait and see"

"It`s not a rare occurence after giving birth, your hormones have gone haywire - you`ll soon be down to earth".

"Forget about the cleaning - concentrate on Cain

the dusting can be left for now, you`ll soon be well again".

Involve the other members of the family in your task

delegate the household chores, dont wait for them to ask".

"Ignore the little doubts you have, i`m sure that Dad will cope

otherwise he`ll fob him off and you wont have a hope"

We`ll have to watch your heart rate, your pressure`s rather high
but you dont need to worry - we know the reason why".

"Dont feel like you`re a prisoner, take baby for a walk
there`s always the Health Visitor who will come and talk

She`s seen it all before, you know, she`ll fill you will advice
appear all bright and cheerful, be caring and..... so nice"

She`ll point out any problems, have all the answers too

tell you what you`re doing wrong without belittling you"

"Have you considered counselling or would you rather wait to see if this depression will pass and put you straight?"
I cant prescribe you tablets (breastfeeding Cain, u see)

perhaps when you have weaned him you should come to me"

"Remember, you`re important! It`s easy to forget - run around for everyone! you`ll only fuss and fret"
"See me early next week, we`ll discuss what we can do

to get you on your feet again - to make you feel brand new".

Eden Rose

At last she came!
In the early hours, as I paced constantly,
alone in my kitchen
she arrived
amid raptuous applause and monumental excersion,
in frenzied excitement, trepidation and anticipation.

At last she came!
Slithered from her mother`s womb onto the once white paper sheet
between quivering wet thighs and stains best forgotten
 under bright flourescent lights
to live her life with us in this world.

At last she came!
To be whisked up by foreign hands, strong and secure
as they checked for abnormalities
blemishes, anything to label her imperfect.
Air passages cleared by probing fingers,
limbs examined
digits counted - all present and correct.

At last she came!
Her first full-blooded cry gratefully received by all
Placed hurriedly onto her mother`s chest to seek out warmth
and familiarity
while medical procedures continue to relieve mother of
her internal life-line.

At last she came!
As hours passed and doubts developed
fears grew, irrational thoughts surfaced
when would she come!

At last she came!
My Granddaughter Eden Rose

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

My Daughter in Labour

My youngest daughter is in labour as I sit and type. My day today and the night before has been peppered with unwanted, wild thoughts and strangulated moments of what can only be described as "blind panic" at the thought of her having to go through what I went through many years ago, to give birth. Purposely I arranged to meet up with friends who I knew would be capable of focussing my mind on other things in a bid to reduce and calm my increasing stress levels. It worked, I enjoyed the chat and tea and for a very short while was able to feel slightly normal again.

My daughter kept her promise to inform and update me of various procedures she went through before, during and after the inducement of labour for her first child. The tinkling sound of each text message received from her brought excitement and anticipation. Secretly I hoped I would read "She`s here Mum!" - but not yet. I must wait.

Selfishly I wanted it to be over before it began. At some points in the long day I allowed my own fears to envelope me, to send me spinning in a spiral of fear and trepidation. Uncontrollable envisoned horrors swirled around in my head until I slammed the psychological door, shutting them out, not permitting them to poison my frantic mind.

I know I must rest, she says she is resting despite being in labour. I am so proud of how together she is - why cant I be?

They so want this baby. They have planned, prepared and practised their parenting ideas to perfection. The room is ready, the cot is ready, the clothes are ready, the home is ready, they are ready!

Tommorrow will come and with it the child they so want; so deserve, to complete them as a truly wonderful couple, who will share their bubble of contentment and happiness and I must be grateful that my daughter has chosen so well and is about to join the most blessed and sacred club of all - Motherhood.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Surplus to requirements as a mother

My youngest daughter is expecting her first baby.  She has been blessed with the ability to conceive and satisfactorily carry and nurture a new life for nine months in her womb. Each month has brought us excitably closer to the day when she will give birth and fulfil her dream of starting a family of her own.
Only one problem - for me - where do I fit in her new family?
 I must admit I have leant on her many times in the future for her wisdom, intelligence and sensibility, allowing her to ease and solve my various difficulties in her "no nonsense" manner.  I have relied on her too much when I have needed financial and emotional rescue.  She has not only pulled me from the wreckage but pointed and steered me in the direction of understanding and salvation.
I call her my angel and my conscience.  She is the sugar in my tea, my port in a storm, my knowledge and common-sense when I am lost in my turbulent world of contradiction, naivity and mistrust.
As the time draws closer to the most important day of her life, I want to be there; I need to be there.  I want to hold her hand, mop her brow, tell her not to panic, assure her that it will all be worth it when her precious baby enters the world and completes the happy contented world she has built with her husband.
But, I am surplus to requirements.  Only one person is allowed in the Maternity Unit and of course she has chosen her wonderful husband.  I planned to go regardless of the new rules imposed due to fears of the spread of swine flu.  I was prepared to argue my way in if need be, state my case as the prospective maternal grandmother.  Two of my friends have offered to have my son while I awaited the arrival in the hospital, but she doesnt want me there.  She doesnt want me to cause a stir, a scene.  She doesnt want to be worrying about me making a nuisance of myself and upsetting the hospital staff.

I feel surplus to requirements; useless, unwanted, hopeless, hurt so bad I have a deep ache in the pit of my stomach.  I have to be there!
Am I being incredibly selfish?  How can I stay away knowing my daughter is in pain, crying with pain, frightened!  I just cant!  Shouldnt she have her mother with her - why doesnt she want her mother with her? 
 I need to understand this - but its not all about me, is it?
 God help me!