Monday, 29 November 2010

Very Nearly Christmas!

Christmas round the corner

Money getting tight

Children wait with bated breath

Hopes high for their delight.

Parents counting pennies

Santa`s on his way

apparently with tons of toys

upon his festive sleigh.

Stores crammed full of ideas

tempting all to buy

things that no-one really wants

but we don`t question why.

For it is nearly Christmas

the time of love and joy

Christmas Pud and mistletoe

in abundance to enjoy.

So put away your worries

just paper over cracks

soon we`ll be full of happiness

and mostly on our backs.

Our smiles will reach a million hearts

each and every day

for it`s very nearly Christmas

Our treasured, special day.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

The Rain

The day is done
Silently preparing my home for bedtime
I hear a sound so soft
it's barely audible.
Listening intently, I recognise the sound
of rain
as it falls softly from the night sky
onto my patio below.
It brings with it a sense of security and warmth
as I tiptoe from the room and climb the stairs to the sanctity of my bedroom.
Gazing through my bedroom window
I marvel at the transformation
the weather has made to the familiar view;
as the darkened picture takes on a look of saturated wetness.
The onyx road sparkles as the rain continues to fall
and bounces noisily onto the hard surface.
Leaves surrender and yield under the weight of the continuous onslaught of raindrops.
Puddles soon form
welcoming childen's tiny feet and eager birds
wanting to play.
But there are no children,
for they are tucked in their beds.
I think of those whose beds are made of concrete
Whose duvets are made of cardboard.
Whose homes are shop doorways.
The rain I find so comforting
is their tormentor
and it makes me sad
Life is so cruel.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Just Once!

Just once, let me feel important, intelligent,
Just once, let my words be heard, understood,
Just once, feel my passion, my conviction and solitude
in a world of unsettled hostilities
Just once, let me feel worthwhile, useful
and valued
where my thoughts are seen as wise,
knowledgeable and viable
Just once, accept my true being
without criticism or distain,
ridicule or insignificance
Just once, hear my pleas for positive reaction,
encouragement and merit
Just once, do not judge or mock me
trivialising my attempts and and endeavours
Just once, show support, consideration,
empathy and understanding

Just once,
 allow me to be me!