Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Nearly Christmas

Things aren`t great at the moment.  But then, it`s nearly Christmas. 
My car is sick, keeps overheating, so I am driving constantly aware and fearful of the little black needle on the dashboard sliding over to the right - to the red zone!  Its frightening how quickly the car heats up and how little time I have to rectify the situation.  I have no time - I must pull over before steam seeps out of the bonnet, escaping into the cold winter air, indicating disaster. 

My ex has decided to play Santa to our son after an absence of months!

The credit crunch has hold of me in a very tight grip!

.......and just to make my misery complete, my crown has once again dislodged itself from my tooth socket and is in need of immediate attention!

And - it`s nearly Christmas!